Wednesday, 13 June 2012

School play question

I genuinely do not want to cause offence. But I am curious.

It is A's school play this week. She attends a state primary school and we are being asked to BUY tickets to see the performance. So that's £9 for me, him and little P. Plus, a donation tin no doubt.

Do you think this is reasonable? (There is at least one fundraising event each week by the way)


  1. For primary no I would not pay, it's not like it's going to be an amazing performance (no offence intended!)

  2. Thanks for your reply Jen. I am baulking at paying out, yet again, but feel mainly that going to see your own child's play should be inclusive. If I were to take the Grandparents as well, that would cost £15 - a lot of money for most. It w
    would be horrible that family don't get to see the play if the cost is prohibitive. In Sussex that is not likely but it grates anyway. Willing to hear the other side of the argument, if there is one.

  3. I think this is utterly OUTRAGEOUS. Have the school had to hire a hall or anything? I'm trying to understand why you might have to pay.

  4. I had a look on past mumsnet discussions and it seems the country is divided. It is both common and appalling to charge for plays/nativities. Was just a bit of a shock. Am over it now. Sort of. And no, they are not hiring a hall but I believe there are a lot of costumes. Nice to hear from you again Recipe Junkie!