Monday, 25 June 2012

Party animals

Twice in one month we have partied hard.

An all-nighter seeing friends of a long time past, all of us a little greyer, a little fatter, a lot older but still up for a darn good time. Such fun but such a long time to recover when you miss a whole nights sleep and have to look after the children the next day, although the Grandparents have been wonderful. I would hate my children to see me partying and know what we get up to and I am going to have deal with this the other way round sooner than I would like. I often wonder how I am going to handle the girls wanting to stay out late, alcohol and cigarettes and more. I can't bear the thought of it but I know it will happen, and if their parents are anything to go by, they will enjoy a night out or three.

I want to hold on to the innocence of what P said to me before we embarked on Saturday's cocktail soiree:

" Will there be musical bumps and statues at your party, Mummy?"

" No darling, no musical bumps today." I replied

" Any hula hoops?" she enquired further hardly believing that I was actually going to a party.

" No sweetie, no hula hoops - but lots of silly dancing I expect"

" Oh that's alright then," she said, satisfied that I knew how to enjoy myself.

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