Friday, 29 June 2012

Poorly, bad and sick a bit

I feel rough, rough,  rough, I look rougher. My skin is an unattractive shade of yellow-grey, eyes have sunk far back into the head and developed bags and lines over night. My head is full of snot and aches and pounds while my belly churns with sickness. In any non-child-rearing situation this illness would have legitimately allowed me two days off work where I could have gone to bed without guilt, sipped lemon and ginger tea and looked up only for some trashy TV or a read of Grazia magazine. I could have not eaten and slept my way through this cold-virus-sick thing and been full of beans by now.

The reality, as all parents know, is a little different. I am still ill after 4 days and I still feel like shite - I am sure this is because I can't stop and go to bed. OK, I have slowed down and only managed sandwich dinners and no baths for the kids, but I still have put the washing on, fed the cats, watered the plants, made some cakes, gone food shopping for the weekend, taken the children to school and hoovered the house. You get the picture.

Could somebody please stop the merry-go-round? Because I would like to get off.

Happy weekend all!

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