Friday, 8 June 2012

Life lessons at bath time

"Take that out of your mouth P please, " I ask my youngest absent mindedly as we finish up bath time.
Its a plastic fish.

" I can't, I'm smoking a cigarette!" she replies and inhales dramatically from the fishes bottom.

OK, how do I handle this? I have been no stranger to the Malboro Light in my life.

"Erm, how do you know about smoking?" I enquire

"I see the men at the station do it" she replies. Phewf.

"Well its a dirty, filthy habit and will make you ill, " I say and try and change the subject.

"Yes I want to be like Mummy when I grow up, she's soooo beautiful and trendy!" says A sucking up, hoping for more points.

Ah that's better, I think.

"I'm in love with Max in year 1" said A, 2 seconds later

"Really darling", I say, "that's nice"

"Because he told me to, I have to marry him" she replied

Oh dear God, I really didn't have the will to bang on about feminism and women's rights at 7.45pm

"OK girls, which bedtime story is it today then....."

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