Monday, 30 July 2012

Addicted London 2012

How on earth am I going to get anything done in the next two weeks?

It's official, our family is properly addicted to the Olympics. The children are just joyous that the computer is on all day and they have unlimited screen time but they are also entering into the spirit of things quite royally. We are enjoying screaming at the screen when ever Team GB compete and in between events I try to get a load of washing on, weed a bit and the kids are making crafty things in the shape of Olympic rings, making themselves gold medals and little plaster of paris horses, to support the cross country eventing today. I keep telling myself that this will never happen again, in our country, in my lifetime, so it's OK to leave the cobwebs and cut back on the cooking.

But I can't quite handle the emotion of it all. The amount of training, dedication and determination fascinates me. What kind of person can, at such a young age, be so single minded and fierce to want to dedicate their whole lives to a sport? I admire this hugely, it brings a tear into my eye every time, what on earth is going through their minds when they receive a medal on the podium? Its a total inspiration.

"I'm going to run really fast around the allotment, to get muscles like Ussain Bolt," said A just now, holding her skinny, little, lily white arms in the air in a muscle-man pose.

And if it gets my kids inspired too, then I'm all for the Olympics.

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