Tuesday, 24 July 2012

On the beach

This is my childhood beach. I can't tell you where it is I'm afraid as it's the best kept secret in Somerset. It is wild and wonderful, with blackish silty sand which stains your swimming costume and owns rock pools to rival all others. The walk down to the beach is a fair trek and even locals don't seem to know where it is. The sea was in when we arrived today, the girls stripped and immediately ran in squealing, unbothered by its mud brown colour. As the sea made its way out, pools were created which warmed quickly in the sun. The children played for hours, soon taking off their cozzies and inventing intricate games with a spade and two buckets while I sat on the shingle and caught up with my mum. We talked about the past, present and a little bit about the future as we ate cheese and pickle rolls, looking on at the kids as they smeared great grey rocks with wet sand.

"What are you doing P?" I enquired.

"I'm putting sun cream on the elephants," she replied incredulously.


  1. Ohhh, I've got beach envy!

    My boys have only spend two days of their lives on a beach which is tantamount to neglect.

    Supposedly in the UK you can never be more than 60 odd miles from the coast but when that coast is Blackpool I feel kinda cheated?

    Oh well, if nothing else you've inspired a trip to Southport tomorrow, which would be great if it wasn't for those pesky school kids and their peskier(?) school holidays ... I'll stop wittering ...

    Mark, Sonny, and Luca.

  2. Hello hello,
    Enjoy your beach day today! Every beach has it's qualities, Blackpool has donkeys and the pleasure beach, I love it! Today we are off to Minehead, Somersets equivalent to Blackpool, tacky as hell but masses of fun - they had to import golden sand to this beach as the original is this black/brown colour which doesnt go down too well with tourists!?!

  3. Despite you teasing us with lovely beaches we can't go to I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award, check out my latest post for details .

  4. Oh now I feel really guilty! Thank you so much, how lovely.

    PS *whispers* beach is called St Audries and is near Doniford and Blue Anchor!

  5. Ah, now I wouldn't have heard of those places a week or so ago, but recently my parents have been exploring that area as a possible place to move to! They loves it so maybe we'll have the chance to discover that beach!