Thursday, 19 July 2012

Schools out for the summer

We are all absolutely pooped after an emotional and exhausting day. I'm drinking wine and it's not even 7pm, in fact the kids are not even in bed. I have broken my own rule on the first day of the holidays. And that's what holidays are for, tomorrow we shall paint our toes red and our finger nails blue, we shall cover ourselves in glitter tattoos and forget to clean our teeth. We shall eat yellow food and go barefoot, not get dressed till 10, have long afternoons at the playground and late nights around the fire.

Today was P's last day at pre-school, an emotional end of term play and gifts all round. Teachers constantly asking her if she was looking forward to big school. Excuse me, we have 6 weeks of freedom before we have to contemplate that thought, and 6 weeks is a very long time in a 4 year old's life.

Happy holidays!

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