Thursday, 12 July 2012

I heart the Internet

I am having a little, but rather passionate affair with the Internet at the moment, 15 years after having access to this sexy beast I am finally learning how to use it to my advantage. Take this morning, P had dressed herself dramatically in a red whizzy skirt with a large red flower in her hair.

"You look like a Spanish lady about to dance Sevillanas," I commented absent mindedly, half naked from the shower and about to dry my hair.

"What is Sevi - bananas?" asked A curiously.

So I explained it was a dance, like Flamenco and gave a little demonstration, but it did't cut the mustard. Running into the office, within seconds there were Sevillana's being beautifully danced on You Tube for the girls to see as I went to finish drying my hair. A lesson learned before school, how marvellous is that?

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