Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mum's race

That time of year I'm afraid. Sports day in all its competitive glory, little people trying their hardest to win, either loving it, hating it or as in A - completely indifferent to it.


I however, decided to have a go at the Mothers race, being geed on after a spectacular win at the Pre-school Olypmics (this IS tongue in cheek, remember). After removing my shoes, scarf and jumper - it's still blooming freezing - we were off. I ran like the wind, like shit off a shovel, there was no one ahead of me, it was a chariots of fire moment....imagine how proud my children would be! And then disaster, I stacked it out of nowhere, falling extraordinarily in front of the whole school, the whole village, the whole of East-bloody-Sussex. 2012 would be the year I let my children down, I let the school down, I let myself fall muddily down. Next year ladies, next year. 

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