Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pirate day - Arrrrrrrrrrr!

14, 231 pirates came to Hastings today. We counted as 4 of them and are now hopefully in the Guinness Book of Records for the most number of pirates in one place. Imagine that!

There were young pirates, old pirates, dog pirates, pirate babies, pirates in wheelchairs, thin pirates, fat pirates, hairy pirates, scary pirates and a rather alarming number of sexy pirates - it's all that long hair, too much eye liner, unbuttoned shirts and unkempt look. I digress. Phew. Sorry.

Pirate Day 2012 in Hastings was so much fun. The sun was shining and the world of pirates came out to play. Feeling slightly self concious on the train down to Hastings, dressed in ragged shirts and piratey hats we all soon got swept up in the arrrrrrr-ing and shiver-me-timbering.

What wonderful memories, sharing camaraderie on the beach with fellow pirates as we boo-ed and hissed at non-pirate intruders. It really felt it was the start of the summer, the sun was blazing, the sea azure and the celebration everywhere. This is it people, enjoy these weeks, Britain looks fabulous at the moment after such a dismal start to summer. Get a bottle of rum and fill yer tum - or we'll make you walk the plank. Arrrrrrrrr!


  1. Why are pirates so dangerous? :)

    Because they arrrrrrr.


  2. Love it! Another one:

    What does a pirate call his friends in the military?

    His ‘Aaaaar Me Mateys’