Friday, 17 August 2012


Why wait until Winter to spin yarns around a log fire?

We have found the dream answer to all the joys of camping but with a double bed, clean duvet and breakfast with ceramic plates. Its the Fire Pit. For about £40 our fire pit has provided us with huge amounts of fun, kept us warm and outside until midnight listening to the owls, as well as teaching the children one or two things about fire. We have cooked sausages beautifully with charcoal first, and then when the eating has finished, add kindling and logs to create a real camping feel in the garden, toasting marshmallows and toasting our feet whilst listening to stories.

Poking and fiddling with a fire is one of the most satisfying past times, chatting and drinking beer at the same time and listening to all the night time noises which elude us in the safety of our homes. Our fire has created another room, the camping room, the adventure room, the outdoorsy nature room. And when we wake up the next morning in our clean white sheets, our hair is alive with bonfire smoke and the discarded jeans need washing for the third time this week.

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