Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Welcome Bubble and Dizzy

We have two new additions to our family, and it's great.

Introducing Bubble and Dizzy, our new goldfish.

Gone are the days when goldfish were won at the fun fair and tipped unceremoniously into a bowl of sorts. No, goldfish keeping nowadays seems to be more complicated than looking after my beloved cats and has taken me weeks to sort out. The tank, pump, plants, ornamental bridge and stuff you put in the water were enough to keep me occupied for a few days, preparing for their arrival. Once the fish were bought they were placed in a plastic bag and inside a brown bag with strict instructions to get them home within the hour otherwise they will DIE, then to place the bag and fish on top of the water in their tank (which has to be prepared 3 days in advance) for 20 minutes before letting them out otherwise they will DIE, and not to feed them too much because of the nitrogen cycle otherwise they will DIE. And if they do DIE within 48 hours we can go get new ones.

So far, about 41 hours of being in our family they are still alive.


  1. I am absolutely gutted, Dizzy lasted 6 days. Poor Dizzy, lots of crying by A, looks like Bubble pretty ill as well. Who knew fish keeping so difficult? Off to pet shop tomorrow for help.

  2. I feel like I am talking to myself here, well I am essentially! Just to say Bubble is now one happy healthy goldfish after a 70% water change straight away after Dizzy's death, 25% water change today and cleaned the filter out. He's zooming around the tank enjoying life, just wandering whether to get him a friend now?