Wednesday, 22 August 2012

School uniform

I have kind of been sticking my fingers in my ears and singing la-la-la-la-la very loudly when people start talking to me about school uniform and school shoe buying. There are four reasons for this:

1) I never want the holidays to end
2) The weather is too good here in Sussex to be queuing in Clarks
3) It's going to be very expensive with two little girls to buy for this year

There, I said it.

The thought of little P in a school uniform fills me with dread, gone will be the days when she wears blue and gold dresses with wellie boots and a dinosaur mask. When she puts 10 clips in her hair, none of which are doing a job of keeping her hair out of her eyes. No more getting up in the morning and deciding what she fancies today and changing it 5 times throughout the day to suit her ever-changing needs and mood.

Of course I am sad that 6 year old A has to wear a uniform too, but she's already been doing it for 2 years and is institutionalised, just how they like them to be.

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  1. In private schools the uniform is changed 3 times in a week but it is not good I think.One uniform is enough,do not lead towards business. more details