Tuesday, 7 August 2012

"It's alright once you get in!"

I never go in the sea. It always looks so tempting glistening in the sunlight but I just can't get beyond my big toe. Cold water makes me squeal, I hate the feeling. The last time I fully immersed myself in the sea was in Malaysia 8 years ago, and was bitten regularly by feeder fish which kind of put me off. The last time I fully immersed myself, I mean shoulders and all, in the British sea was, well, when I was a kid probably.

Sunday was one of those unexpected glorious days. Turning up in jeans and coats to treat friends to our trademark sausages-on-the-beach, the sun made a welcome appearance, and then it started to get hot - really hot. Everyone who had been in the sea exclaimed all that 'it's OK once you're in' malarkey which quite frankly I have never cared to believe or wanted to find out.

Then, out of nowhere, I found myself taking off my watch and wedding ring and walking towards the crashing waves, I was doing this for Team GB. If they could win three gold medals on Super Saturday then I could jolly well get in the sea.

And people are right you know. I couldn't breathe for about 3 minutes. The water was so cold and I was heaving for oxygen, but then slowly after thrashing around a bit, the water felt restorative and fantastic. Thank you Jess Ennis, Mo and Greg for being such an inspiration, because once you're in, the sea is wonderful.


  1. Oh I LOVE swimming in the sea. Do it again - prove to yourself how fantastic it can make you feel :-)

  2. Ooh I plan to - it's going to be a scorcher this weekend and after all the armchair Olympics I think it's time to get the body moving!