Friday, 24 August 2012

Strawberries and babies

We were down the allotment yesterday, just to water my three pumpkins and one courgette plant really. Everything else looked like it had been in a nuclear disaster -  I have put it aside for this year and instead appreciated the small mercies which made it through and beat the elements and the slugs. Soon it will be time to dig the whole plot over, manure and leave for the winter to start anew in the Spring. I am looking forward to that, a clean slate.

After tipping a a few watering cans of water over the plants which needed it, the thirsty, cracked earth drinking it in eagerly, I noticed in the strawberry patch a few glistening red jewels. They certainly weren't there a few days ago.

"Wow, girls, come and look at this...we have hundreds of strawberries....and raspberries.." I screeched excitedly.

Hundreds may have been an exaggeration but we managed to fill a fairly decent sized plant pot with the succulent fruits.

"Gosh, these strawberries are late!" I exclaimed, to myself really.

P piped up " Late for what Mummy?"

And we all giggled about the strawberries being late for our tummies.

But it got me thinking that nature knows no time, the strawberries will be ready when they are ready.

Just as those mothers waiting for their babies to arrive when they are late - 'past their due date' - are coerced into induction of labour because the clock says the babies should be here by now. The baby will come when he or she is ready, as the strawberry plant, they do not have watches.

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