Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What do you call yours?

"Put your chumey away P, please!" I asked politely.

What? I hear you ask.

Chumey. Chume. Choom. It's what we call your bottom in our family. And now it's so normal that I believe it is part of the English language. Where does it come from?

When P was a baby, or 18 months or so, I really can't remember, she would say:

"My bot-chume hurts/itchies/sore!"

And it started from there really. Chume. Choom. Chumey. I think it's a great word for your bum.

We have just spent a fantastic weekend deep in the Black Mountains, camping and festivalling once again (more of that later) with dear friends. My throat is sore from talking and my cheeks ache from laughing. Spending 3 solid days in close company with friends we realised that they have plenty of pet family names for all sorts of words.

My favourite being 'tanti-larti' - which means naked obviously.

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