Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The end is nigh

It is cold in the evenings and misty in the mornings. There are blackberries, spiders, darker evenings and the cats are spending even more time curled up asleep, in various imaginative places indoors. The summer is drawing to a close although we are still in August, the month which actually conjures up hot and sweaty images. The fire pit and barbeque have been stowed away, the lawnmower to the back of the shed so that the logs are accessible for the wood burner and I am also considering making a casserole. I even went school uniform shopping today and braved the shoe shop's number system.

But instead of thinking that the summer is over, I am believing that this is a new beginning. The children will be both in school and I am looking forward to the challenge of more work and diversifying, of getting better at riding and starting yoga. I am relishing painting the house to rid it of it's scuffs and scratches and I might even make the rhubarb chutney I promised myself in June.

I'm not ready to say 'goodbye' to the summer quite yet, just preparing myself mentally for it's gradual demise. Oh no, we have plenty of bike riding to do, brown signs to discover, a few beach trips left I'm sure - and we may even have to drag that fire pit into action again.

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